Compliance Risk Assessments

The key to privacy protection is to determine whether a particular process or activity is a high risk. A data privacy risk assessment should be conducted on an annual basis. This ensures not only compliance but that the rights of individuals are not infringed upon.

Several risks can affect an organization’s compliance with data protection laws. These include commercial and legal factors. Failure to meet customer expectations can lead to reputational risks. In addition, a failure to adhere to the law can result in fines.

The risk of a data breach can be significant. It can result in a financial penalty, as well as damage to an organization’s reputation. However, a successful data protection strategy can help minimize the damage that occurs from a breach. For example, you can prevent data loss by ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to approved parties.

A third-party data privacy assessment is one way to determine whether a particular processing operation is a high risk. This is a crucial aspect of the regulation, as it helps to establish whether the processing will harm the individuals involved.

Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24
Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24

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At Privacy24, we offer compliance risk assessments that you can rely on. We use a risk assessment methodology that is proven to get results. We assess any risks and rely on our expert knowledge of GDPR/HIPAA/CPRA/LGPD and many other data privacy standards worldwide.

When you outsource your risk assessment with Privacy24, you can ensure that no stone is left unturned. We will look at the risk scale, baseline security criteria, and risk appetite.

Key Benefits of Compliance Risk Assessments

Identify risks before they become serious problems

A cost-effective solution that gives you time to focus on your business

Maintain your reputation by being pro-active rather than reactive

Address problems as soon as they are recognised

Get advice from experts in GDPR/HIPAA/CCPA/LGPD

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