Our Data Privacy Compliance Solution

Under GDPR, and the world’s other data privacy standards, protecting any personal data held by an organization is extremely important. We have developed a data subject query management tool to support our DPOs and customers.

The Privacy24 software application allows data subjects to engage in a regular email conversation safely enclosed within our encrypted communication tool.

Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24
Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24

What does this mean?

All the data subject needs is to email their dedicated Privacy24 DPO, and all communication is captured in the Privacy24 tool, including the DPO replies. All communications with the DPO are fully auditable and completely locked for edits. This allows full transparency for the customer contracting the DPO and offers a massive liability reduction in that data subjects cannot misrepresent any part of their communication with the DPO.

Furthermore, our integrated privacy vault ensures that all privacy policies specific to the organization under contract are immediately available to the agreement DPO, and understanding of the data subject can be assessed almost in real time.

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What are the Key Benefits of the Data Privacy Software Compliance Solution?

A cost effective, subscription based service

Access to your own on-call primary Data Protection Officer

Nothing to install, completely web-enabled

iOS and Android apps available to our DPOs for anytime access

Maintain Data Privacy Compliance

Leave liaising with supervisory authorities to the experts

Fully Auditable and Traceable

With our data privacy compliance solution, you can benefit from the peace of mind that your organization is compliant. At Privacy24, we offer a cost-effective software solution that is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, CPRA and, many other standards around the world

In comparison to standard DPO engagement, our service offers greatly reduced liability by ensuring all data subject communications are captured in a fully auditable and traceable manner.

Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24
Industry Leaders In GPDR Compliance – GDPR24

Minimize Risk in your Organization

The full-service data privacy compliance solution from Privacy24 ticks all boxes, including fully audited and traceable communications. You can benefit from our dedicated customer hotline and minimize any risks as soon as possible.

GDPR24 should be your first port of call if you’re looking for an advanced outsourced solution.

Find out how Privacy24 can take your data privacy compliance to the next level